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Folding bikes are a great way to move around. They are not very sleek or fast as full size bike but are very versatile and easy to carry around. You can take them indoors with you and avoid the tension of it being stolen. It is important to try the bikes before buying them. These are usually less stable because of the smaller wheels. The weight of these bikes range from 9.9kgs to 16kgs.The wheels of a folding bike ranges from 16inch to 20 inch. The lightness of the bike adds to its price.

Some Best Commuter Folding Bike Are:

Brompton s Type: British manufacturer brompton makes the best commuter folding  bikes in the market. The craftsmanship being great and the fold being tactful makes it easy to carry and ride. It folds to a considerable small size and the handlebar of the bike can be altered to choose your best shape, number of gears, quality of saddle and many more.

Tern verge N8: this easy to ride bike has an aluminum frame, 20inch wheels and eight gears. It is versatile and can be ridded on flat and hills. The bike is good in appearance and has a weight of 11kgs.but the folding is not so smart as Brompton’s and has large wheels occupying more space.

Dahon vigor p9: dahon makes a wide range of sleek folding bikes. With 20 inch wheels and nine gears that helps you climb hills easier. With a weight of 11.2 kg it folds across itself instead of bromptons clever mechanism.

Brompton p6r: the p shaped handle bars help you maintain a more upright position while cycling. This makes feel secure on busy roads. This model has six geers, murdguards, and rear rack and dynamo lights. All this adds to the weight making it 13.4kg but it is highly portable when folded.

Bobbin bicycles: bobbins, set up in 2007, manufacture this bike to fit in small places. It is compact package with 20inch wheels and seven gears. The color of the bike makes it more attractive and at 13.5 kgs it is the most manageable bike.

Montague cross town: this is a perfect combination of easy to fold and large fancy wheels. It has wheels of the size of the normal bike, 24.5 inches but can be folded into half. Though it is less portable than the other bikes but can fetch you a really good speed. To suit the height of the rider, it comes in three different frame sizes and for complete folding you will need to remove the front wheel.

Raleign evo-2: this bike with 20 inch wheels offers high values. The bike is cheaper than the others on the list but the parts of the bike are of lower efficiency and require frequent maintenance. The bike has seven gears, mudguards and a rear rack. Being low in price it is the heaviest on the list being 16kg weight.

Bickerton junction 1707 city: the bickerton junction company is new and related to a British folding bike manufacturer from seventies through family member. The bike has 20inch wheels, mudguards and a rear rack. It has a bag behind the saddle and fits over the bike for easier transportation.